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Clients & Testimonials

"The team at BlueSky were great. My project was on a tight timeline with multiple respondent-level challenges. They not only helped us find the respondents we needed, but worked through all of our change requests. They understood our challenges and did a great job making my research project easier. Look forward to using them again."
Herb Sawyer, Digital Strategist at SMITH
“Our project manager at BlueSky always takes time to understand our research objectives and works with us to get the best respondents for our discussions. We deal with a lot of hard-to-find targets and BlueSky does everything in their power to help make our projects a success!
Margaret Becker, Senior Research Manager at Mindwave Research
“BlueSky Market Research did a fantastic job recruiting our longitudinal panel project. They made an effort to understand the research objectives going into the project and it showed in the quality of the respondents they found for us – all of the respondents were perfect. They were great about keeping us up to date and finishing the recruit on time despite moving timelines from our client. I have rarely worked with a more conscientious and punctual recruiter. Their professionalism, attitude and capability make it a pleasure to recommend them."
Matt Ayers, Senior Research Manager at Tuned In Research
“BlueSky has done an excellent job to resource our study at very short notice and make additional changes at the 12th hour. We really appreciated their flexibility, professional approach and willingness to accommodate us on the fly. We could not have done our work successfully if we had not had their involvement. Their recommendation to use their on-site assistant has been very effective to completely take care of the research schedule, the recruit reception and efficient management of the necessary paperwork has been well worth the daily cost."
Russell Ward, Research Consultant at Zemoga, Inc.
“I have worked with BlueSky on several occasions, and continue to be impressed with its high quality recruits and client service. In particular, its team truly understands the nuances and characteristics of each recruit and is able to adjust the “game plan” when needed. This is invaluable on our projects that focus on niche or difficult to reach audiences.”
Paris Patton, President & UX Strategist at Crosswalk Digital Group
“BlueSky Market Research has been a valuable business partner. From campaign design and implementation to post project review, BlueSky has been there every step of the way to meet my needs. My project director in particular has made working with BlueSky a pleasure.”
Ken Larson, Project Manager at Mintel Comperemedia
"We all know that any research study is as good as the quality of the respondents you are talking to – so glad that I found BluSky! They proved to be ‘that’ special recruiter that can actually deliver the genuine respondents for a challenging recruit! I cannot be more satisfied with their performance, professionalism and dedication to my project. They were realistic in what they can do upfront and over-delivered by finding the people we needed. Not only that, but their quality control is excellent – they did it without my request and took all the measures to ensure authenticity and articulation of respondents. Needless to say, this was a very difficult recruit and they saved the day!"
Igbala Pasukanovic, Senior Partner at Truth
"BlueSky has saved my projects on more than one occasion. I have come to them with very tough recruits and impossible deadlines several times in the past, and they have exceeded my expectations 100% of the time. Their team specializes in finding and booking those really hard to access people. Whether its extremely nuanced homemakers with strange purchase behaviors or C-Suite executives, BlueSky can find them. I haven't worked with anyone who has delivered as consistently as BlueSky."
Chris Otchy, Research Consultant at Sachs Insights
"I worked with BlueSky Market Research last summer on a particularly challenging program seeking to reach a very specific target...[BlueSky] not only delivered within the timeline, but worked round the clock to adapt to the ever-changing needs and wants of our clients. I have frequently recommended BlueSky Market Research to my colleagues and look forward to working with them again when I am next coordinating a research program."
Alisha Dopkin, Senior Program Manager at frog design
"I had the pleasure of working with BlueSky as our recruiting vendor and found them to be extremely dedicated and hard-working. They put their experience and intelligence into managing challenging recruits, thus ensuring successful outcomes. BlueSky is willing to work with us as a true “partner” and they contribute valuable strategic thinking and problem solving abilities to our projects. They are consummate professionals and truly an asset to our industry."
Scott Cordell, Field Director at Miner & Co. Studio

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